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Safely Choosing Care Options for Yourself or a Loved One

For many individuals and families, the concept of hiring care brings concerns about safety, whether contracting for in-home care or moving to a residential care facility.  However, millions of families have successfully and safely addressed their needs for care, and so can you.


Hiring Independent Caregivers

If you choose to hire an independent caregiver, you are essentially the boss of a business – the care and welfare of your loved one.  To find the best possible caregiver or team of caregivers for your employment position, you will need to go through a thorough and comprehensive hiring process.


Identify Your Applicants

First of all, you will need to gather a pool of job applicants, and the larger the hiring pool, the greater the opportunity to find the best possible candidate for your care provider position.  Carefully review all of the Care Providers listed in your community by using the DrKnows search feature to the right of this article, and then narrow your search by selecting your preferences.


Contact DrKnows

Once you have narrowed your list of preferred prospective candidates, contact a DrKnows Care Advisor to obtain more specific information. 

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You will need to further narrow your list of candidates, and you should conduct interviews to meet the candidates in person and to further assess whether or not the applicant is a good match for your needs.


Hiring, Including Performing Background Checks and References

Once you identify an applicant that meets your needs, you will need to come to an agreement about the terms of employment.  Prior to hiring any employee, you should obtain a comprehensive background check, including local, state, and federal criminal and financial background analysis.  Interview the applicant’s references, and speak with at least three former employers.  Do not rely solely on the applicant’s friends and family members to provide references.  In order to obtain a more objective opinion, you should attempt to speak with former employers, preferably supervisors who have directly monitored the job skills and attitudes of the prospective care provider. 


Periodic Monitoring and Employment Reviews

Your responsibilities do not suddenly end once you have hired the candidate.  You should monitor your employee’s ongoing job performance.  This is best accomplished through quarterly job reviews. 


Taxes, Insurance, and Benefits

When hiring a caregiver, you are responsible for reporting wages to appropriate tax authorities.  With an employee working in your home, you should consider maintaining liability insurance coverage to protect your family from claims that may result from employment in your home.  Before hiring a care provider, you should clarify whether or not you are offering any employment benefits, such as paid time off for vacation or sick leave or any type of health insurance.  For these reasons, many families decide to hire caregivers through a home care agency because the agency accepts all of the legal responsibilities of the employer.



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