Product Information


Product Information

Search engine for locating and reviewing assisted living communities, independent living communities, memory care facilities, board and care homes, adult day programs, and other facilities

Search engine for locating and reviewing individual caregivers and caregiver agencies for in-home care

Patient and caregiver educational information about various medical illnesses, including appropriate treatments

In less than three weeks of activity, care providers from more than 25 states have created detailed job profiles at

Approximately 1500 unique visitors to during the first month of operation with more than 12,000 page views

By third month of operation, averaging nearly 20,000 page views per month


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DrKnows is dedicated to providing FREE assistance to individuals and families seeking any type of care service for patients of any age.
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For more information about DrKnows, including how to find the right type of care to meet your needs and expectations, please visit our DrKnows User's Guide. If you are a care provider who would like to partner with us, please visit our Care Providers page.

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