Increase Socialization and Eliminate Isolation



Increase Socialization and Eliminate Isolation

Many people with chronic medical illnesses, especially seniors, are isolated and lonely.  On the other hand, most also value their privacy and perceive that if they move into an assisted living facility that they will lose this independence and confidentiality.  Perhaps they believe they will be sharing a bedroom with one or more people or that they will have nurses coming in their room all night long.  These are all examples of why it is so important to actually research and tour assisted living communities.  In most residential care facilities and many board and care homes, a resident will enjoy their own private space.  On the other hand, they have the many advantages of living in a community where they can have instant access to other people and to social activities when they desire companionship.  Residential care communities offer extensive social activities.  For some people, this increased social stimulation can improve mood, memory, and quality of life.  More importantly, having regular meals and taking medications correctly can often help patients to thrive in these communities.



Baby Steps - Start With an In-Home Caregiver Emphasize Preserving Safety, Independence, and Dignity

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