How to Create a Great Provider Employment Profile and Resume

Dear Care Provider,

With a great deal of thought and attention to detail, we have created the website to help you promote your valuable skills in your community and throughout the world.  An outstanding and memorable provider profile should help you to locate clients more quickly and effortlessly.  While the website allows care seekers the opportunity for one-stop shopping, this site also allows care providers to evaluate and compare themselves to their business competition.  When completing your care provider profile, put yourself in the shoes of an individual or family seeking care and consider every trait that you would value in caregiver.  For example, when a family hires a care provider, they are allowing another person to enter their home and to know their most intimate secrets, and all care seekers are entitled the opportunity to hire trustworthy, reliable, and competent care providers.  In order to achieve this level of trust, it is important that the care providers list accurate information within the profiles, such as first and last name.  At, we value your privacy and confidentiality, and will not release your address, email, or telephone number to the general public.

Here are some quick suggestions:

  • Include a great profile photo
  • Add multiple other photos highlighting your skills such as a meal you have cooked
  • Include your resume - Please do not include the entire first and last name of individuals or private citizens (You may use the first initial and last name) 
  • Include copies of letters of recommendation from former employers
  • Include copies of your licenses and certifications
  • Describe your past caregiving work experience - Please do not include the entire first and last name of individuals or private citizens (You may use the first initial and last name)
  • Highlight your special skills and accomplishments
  • Create a complete and honest profile
  • Carefully proofread your profile
  • Refresh and Revise

You care provider profile affords you the opportunity to include a photograph of yourself, and photographs that appears sincere, respectful, and professional will likely receive the less feedback.  Soon, will allow care providers to include many other types of images in the profiles, including PDF files, Photographs, certifications, and other images.  You can use these features to include your employment resume or curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation from former employers and coworkers, letters or recommendations from friends, copies of education degrees and certifications, copies of the licensing, CPR certificates, first aid certificates, and any other images or documents, which would support her application for employment.  If you include images in your profile, be careful to blackout sensitive personal information.

Use the “Bio” section of your profile to describe yourself in detail.  This free-text section is an opportunity to describe your past work experience, special skills, outstanding personality traits, and career goals.  Let your prospective clients know that you can bake a great chocolate cake or know how to prepare great-tasting, heart-healthy food.  Use the “Work Experience” section to demonstrate how well-qualified you are to work as a care provider.  Some care seekers may value an employee who has demonstrated long-term job stability or extensive experience as a care provider while others may value an employee who has a wide range of life experiences.  Under “Education” we encourage you to list your formal education, but you can also list any courses you have taken, special training or important accomplishments.  Under “Certificates,” include any formal caregiving or medical training, including CPR, First Aid, and other medical qualifications.

Once you have completed your profile, carefully review the profile to for accuracy.  Make sure that there is nothing appearing in your profile that you do not want other people to see.  Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.  Use proper punctuation.  Keep in mind that if two job applicants are equally qualified, the employer may make a final decision based on more subtle or subjective factors, such as poor grammar or inappropriate attire in your profile photo.

Go back and revise your profile regularly.  Refreshing your profile periodically will help draw attention to your resume.

Ultimately, DrKnows hopes that your profile will help you find a great match with a great family, leading to successful long-term employment.  If you have suggestions about how can improve the care provider profiles, please contact us at or toll free at 1 (844) DrKnows.


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