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Home Care Agencies


Home care agencies are businesses dedicated to providing in home care giving services, and these organizations are typically under the management of individuals with extensive experience providing home care.  While services through a home care agency may be a little bit more expensive than services provided by an independent in-home caregiver, these larger agencies should offer many additional important services.  First of all, home care agencies typically offer a network of many different caregivers, and this access to multiple providers can be incredibly valuable if your caregiver calls out sick, has car trouble, or if there is a personality conflict between the client and caregiver.  With a team of many different care providers, a home care agency may be better equipped to match a caregiver with the specific needs of your family.  Home care agencies will screen and interview the caregivers working for the agency saving you time and the challenges of hiring, particularly if you have never gone through this process before.  Home care agencies will also manage payroll, state and federal taxes, and insurance for their employees so that you and your family will not have to deal with these administrative hassles.  Finally, home care agencies may offer an interdisciplinary team approach to managing your healthcare, and this team he may include nurses, social workers, caregivers, chaplains, and administrators. 


When considering a home care agency, you may want to consider the following:


  1. How long has the agency been in business?
  2. How long has the current management team been operating the business?
  3. Have there been any formal complaints against this particular home care agency?
  4. Inquire about whether or not your state requires home care agencies to be licensed.
  5. Determine whether or not each home care agency has a current, unrestricted license.  If agencies are licensed, the state department of health or department of social services may document the status of licensing on their website. 
  6. Ask how the home care agency hires its caregivers.
  7. Determine whether or not the agency performs background checks on prospective employees.
  8. Request and communicate with current and past clients of the agency.
  9. Obtain references for caregivers from current and past clients. 
  10. How does the agency evaluate and hire caregivers?
  11. How does the agency train caregivers?
  12. How does the agency monitor the quality of care?
  13. How does agency work to improve the quality of care?
  14. How does the agency address client concerns?  How can you or your family members communicate with the caregiver or with administrators?
  15. Ask doctors and other healthcare professionals about their experiences with this particular agency.
  16. Clarify and understand how the home care agency bills its clients.  Are there any extra fees?  Request a written explanation of the rates and billing policies.
  17. Inquire about your options for paying for care.  Are any of these services covered through Medicaid, Medicare, veterans’ benefits, or long-term care insurance? 
  18. Does the home care agency offer any financial assistance?
  19. If you have long-term care insurance, are these home care benefits eligible for reimbursement through your insurance plan?
  20. Does the agency provide clients with a written plan for care? 
  21. Does the agency provide a written "Patient Bill of Rights?"
  22. How does the agency handle client healthcare emergencies?
  23. Are there any restrictions or limits to the type of services that are provided?
  24. Will the home care agency communicate with family members or friends about the client's needs? 
  25. Should the family appoint a family spokesperson to communicate with the agency and to coordinate care?



Home Care Agencies versus Independent Caregivers Independent or Private In-Home Caregivers

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