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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is DrKnows different from other referral agencies and caregiver websites?

DrKnows was founded and developed by an experienced medical doctor with decades of experience serving the needs of seniors and people with chronic medical disabilities. is owned and operated by healthcare providers and experienced, professional caregivers and not by large corporations focused on profits (venture capitalists or private equity funds).  We understand and genuinely concerned about the needs of you and your family.


How does work to make sure that care seekers are hiring qualified care providers?

At, our greatest priority is trying to provide care seekers with excellent, well-qualified, and trustworthy care.  Consequently, has gone to great effort to meet this goal.  First of all, the DrKnows-It-All Resource Center includes extensive information about options for care, choosing care, financing the cost of care, and patient safety.  Second, as much as possible, Care Advisors interview, evaluate, and even tour the properties of care providers and partner facilities.  We strongly encourage all care seekers and care providers to make safety their top priority.  Whenever hiring a care provider or accepting a new job, it is important for both care providers and care seekers to thoroughly evaluate their options, including interviewing each other, reviewing references, and performing detailed background checks.  For further details about how evaluates care providers, visit the resource center or contact us at or 1 (844) 375-6697.


How do patients and families find care through

For those seeking care, the best staring point is the website.  Beginning with the homepage, care seekers can peruse the resource guide to consider the many different types of care available, including independent care providers, home care agencies, day programs, and residential care facilities.  Care seekers may also research their options for financing the cost of care along with learning how to safely choose the best care option to meet their needs.  Next, the care seeker can begin searching geographically for providers utilizing the search tool.  This tool allows the user to specify detailed search criteria in order to narrow the query with the goal of producing the most appropriate search results.  Once the results are available, the care seeker can review each care providers detailed job resume, including photographs, certifications, and specifics about the cost of care.  When the user has narrowed her choices, she should then call or email to begin the process of consulting with a DrKnows Care Advisor.  From there, DrKnows will arrange for the care seeker to meet, interview, tour, and hire the appropriate care services.



How does DrKnows choose which care providers are listed on the website? is dedicated to helping patients and families locate qualified and trustworthy care providers in their communities.  Equally, strives to support care providers of all types in the process of quickly and effortlessly finding new clients.  We recognize that there are many valuable options for care, ranging from independent providers to upscale residential care communities, and DrKnows attempts to provide care seekers with as many options as possible.  Generally, your DrKnows Care Advisor will offer care seekers at least three options for care services.  DrKnows recognizes that many patients gradually progress from utilizing part-time home care services to eventually requiring 24 hour care or residential care.  DrKnows aspires to develop long-term, trusting relationships with our care seekers as their needs evolve over time. 


How can one become a care provider?

With the goal of providing care seekers with as many qualified options for care as possible, DrKnows is recruiting all types of care providers to become members of the DrKnows care referral network.  Our number one goal is to ensure that patients receive excellent, qualified, trustworthy care services.  All DrKnows care providers must maintain appropriate licensing and certification.  Whether an independent care provider or the representative of a care providing organization, please complete a detailed care provider profile at the interactive website, and we will contact you shortly to provide further details about your options for inclusion in the rapidly growing network.


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