Company Overview


Company Overview

The MVP version of the website launched on June 13, 2015, but the DrKnows network has been expanding since inception in July 2014.  DrKnows founder Dr. Scot Richardson is a neurologist who has spent more than twenty years working with patients, families, caregivers, and care-providing communities.  At the most basic level, provides a platform to connect patients and their families with caregivers and residential care communities.  Additionally, offers extensive educational information and research tools to help inform patients and families about the need for in-home care, the benefits of assisted-living communities, and even financial options to help manage the cost of care.  Senior communities, board and care homes, adult day programs, residential care facilities, and independent personal care aides can partner with DrKnows to promote their services in a comprehensive and enthusiastic fashion.   DrKnows hopes to educate the public about the many care resources available and the realistic costs of these services.  Meanwhile, DrKnows strives to provide appropriate, viable referrals to caregivers and care-providing communities.  Our interactive website,, offers information about many different medical conditions, including diagnosis, state-of-the-art treatment options, and prognosis.  Many other services for seniors and individuals with disabilities are available through, and our website is an excellent opportunity for your organization to inform your customers.


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