Baby Steps - Start With an In-Home Caregiver



Baby Steps - Start with an In-Home Caregiver

If your loved one is not yet ready to move out of his/her home, they can begin the process by hiring an in-home caregiver.  A care provider may be a terrific option for people who only need part-time care.  In my experience, most people and their families underestimate the amount of care that they actually need, or they do not arrange for sufficient help because they are trying to save money.  It is better to be safe than sorry!  You can never have too much care, but I have seen many people suffer serious consequences by not having enough care and supervision.  Some families have successfully introduced caregivers to the home by introducing the caregiver as a new friend and companion rather than presenting the caregiver as a caretaker who will supervise and diminish dignity and independence. 



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