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DoctorKnows is dedicated to helping individuals and families during the process of locating appropriate care services for people of any age coping with chronic medical illness.  Equally, DrKnows strives to assist Care Providers – whether residential care facilities, home care agencies, or independent care providers – in locating appropriate Care Seekers who would benefit from care services.  DrKnows offers a comprehensive network of home care agencies, assisted living facilities, board and care homes, adult and child day programs, and independent care providers.  In addition, DrKnows is a current and comprehensive resource, providing information about diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis regarding many common medical diseases along with extensive discussions on options for care, patient safety, and financing the cost of care.  DrKnows is intended to be a FREE resource for families seeking care because our care providers pay us for the services we provide our communities.


Who We Are

DrKnows is owned and operated by Salubriti.com, LLC, and DrKnows enables care seekers to locate and research options for care.  Our Care Advisors provide knowledgeable guidance to facilitate your decision making process.


How DrKnows is Different

DrKnows is dedicated to offering trustworthy, personal service to all families facing the challenges of chronic illness and seeking care.  A medical doctor with more than twenty years of experience caring for patients founded DrKnows during 2014, and DrKnows has a deeper appreciation of the challenges families face when coping with chronic illness and an increasingly unfriendly healthcare system.  DrKnows provides the greatest variety of care options, recognizing that each person has different needs and desires, and DrKnows is dedicated to providing information about all options for healthcare, whether current medical treatments or how to finance the cost of care.


Families and partners of DrKnows love our personal service, attention to detail, and passion for helping others.  Join DrKnows today.



Scot Richardson, M.D.

President and Founder


About DrKnows

DrKnows is dedicated to providing FREE assistance to individuals and families seeking any type of care service for patients of any age.
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For more information about DrKnows, including how to find the right type of care to meet your needs and expectations, please visit our DrKnows User's Guide. If you are a care provider who would like to partner with us, please visit our Care Providers page.

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